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Chrono Games is a web3-native team focusing on blockchain gaming experiences. The philosophy is clear, fun firsttechnology second.

Why We Love Blockchain Games

Here’s all the good stuff


Users First

The users have a real stake in the products they love. Developer and users work together towards a collective goal.


True Ownership

NFTs are not just a buzz word! We experimented and used NFTs long time before it was cool.


New Frontier

We love challenges and aim to provide new experiences, while others never even thought about it.

About Chrono Games

Get Started in the Tokenized World

The team has worked alongside giants like Binance, Enjin, and Coinmarketcap to build new ways to enhance the player experience and are exploring the use cases of the highly anticipated NFT wave. In addition, Chrono Games has completed work-for-hire projects with a focus on Gaming, gamification, and blockchain development.

Blockchain Games Portfolio

Additionally while partnering with other studios to help with their Web3 venture, we are a full-fledged Gaming studio.

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Forest Knight

Turn-Based Strategy Game powered by NFTs & a decentralized item-ecosystem built on Polygon blockchain

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First open-world multichain metaverse for players to explore, manage resources & create a player built economy

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